Dutch Boys Rabbitry

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

Important Info

We've started in 2009, later on as we got bigger we created this website. There were times where I have forgotten to update the website here and there and probably made it too big than what it needed to be, but now 7 years later in 2016, we have stopped raising rabbits and retired from the business. I just remembered about the website I remember was still up for our rabbitry, and how much creativity I put into this. So now, in 2017, i'm giving one final update and edit, removing 3 of the pages, and possibly adding more just for memories sake. Thank you for reading this if you did, and for those who were with us in the past, thank you for supporting us in showing and our business.


Dutch Boys Rabbitry

We are the Seymore family with a small rabbitry located in the Central Valley of California in the city of Visalia.  We started raising Dutch rabbits in June of 2009 with our first couple of rabbits and continue to grow all the time.  After our initial start with Blacks and Blues, we have expanded to include Gray and Chocolate. Colby finished #1 in the National Variety Sweepstakes for Gray in 2010 and 2011.


This is a 4-H project and family fun for us.  Our goal is to raise quality Dutch rabbits that can be sold as show or pet quality.  We will be attending shows throughout California and hope to meet others along the way.  Please introduce yourselves if you see us at any shows.


We would really like to thank some people who have helped us get started with Dutch rabbits and giving us lots of great information.


Dr. Scott Williamson - Thanks for helping us to get the whole thing started with a couple absolutely beautiful animals with the necessary  "Type".  Your kindness and generosity has been a blessing. 


Fred & Helen Schmall - Your time and input have helped us grasp a much better understanding of the dutch breed and what it will take to be a breeder of quality animals.  Your willingness to spend time teaching our whole family has been very gracious.